ENG 162 Fall 2013

ENG 162 at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor ME, taught by John A. (Don't ever, ever ask!) Goldfine johngoldfine@gmail.com

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another linked vignette sample

That first moment in each other’s arms, so fierce, yet gentle enough to show the true affection of unconditional love. He was here finally, but he’ll gone soon enough.

He’s been gone since July and now, it’s godforsaken freezing in the month of December. The future’s already on our tongues, as we drive past Hannaford, the place of our first union. Who will be the bacon-bringer next time and who will be the slacker taking classes next year? Oh, the annoyance of the unknown future questions.

Please, let’s begin to live our life while you’re here, and you’re not killed from a mortar attack. Let’s not maintain sustaining injury that’s yet to happen. Listen to my chorus of “I love you” and I’ll listen to yours.

Now we’re clashing, giving each other fevers of anger, induced by those six dollar shots of Jim Beam. You’re getting jealous because I’m wooing some strangers with my philandering skills while you sit back on Chummy’s plastic chairs. I’m not strumming your pain; I’m just too smashed to know the difference between pants-strippers and beatniks that want to discuss the intellectual aspects of life.

I hate you right now. I am not allowed to take a ride in that black man’s Audi. Who’s the one who gave me the Adderall, huh? You wanted to ease my nerves; well, baby, they’re eased and I’m taking that funky ride. Trust me, I know, some guys are only about that thing. Doesn’t mean they’re getting any honey from me. The bass may be switched all the way up, vibrating my seat while I’m so warm and fuzzy inside from that whiskey, but baby, my senses are still awake.

You’re leaving me. We had our fun. My bed is going to be so empty without your flesh beside me, your arm wrapped around my hip, your warm breath behind my ear. I’ll be smelling the pillow-cases till Mom demands they be washed, but I’ll keep one behind for my your scent.


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