ENG 162 Fall 2013

ENG 162 at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor ME, taught by John A. (Don't ever, ever ask!) Goldfine johngoldfine@gmail.com

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Another risky piece, starting with it being a poem

Sew, sew, sew five days a week
That big check is what I seek.
Give me leather and give me thread
And I’ll sew shoes that are even red.
It’s all piecework, so I must work fast
I want my money to last, last, last.
Year after year I give my best
But I’m just a peon, like all the rest.
The big guys decide they want more money
They close our shop, sew not funny.
Sew down to Puerto Rico the work did fly
While stuck in Milo I knew I’d get by.
What can I do, if not sew shoes
I cannot let my family lose.
Go to college, take a class
Don’t just sit here on my ass.
Write that paper, read that book
Take that test, no time to cook.
Classes were work, just a different kind
Lots of knowledge, I did find.
Now I work with kids all day
Sometimes my work is just like play.
So screw those people who closed that door
I don’t work for them no more.
Fuck ‘em all, I hope they rot
A better job is what I got.
I think its clear, I can finally see
That slamming door was good for me.

Copyright 2012 by Reta 


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